Founded in 1952, Donggang Weiyuan Fuel Injection Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous manufacturers of fuel injection equipment in China. Our company mainly offers injectors, plungers, nozzles, delivery valves, pencil nozzles, repairing kits, hydraulic heads of VE distributor pumps and other related products for imported automobiles, construction machinery and marine products. With a batch of experienced professors, excellent machining systems, high level checking facilities, an effective quality control system and satisfactory after-sale service, we provide high quality products with good prices. Meanwhile, we passed ISO9001 certification in 2002. 

Nowadays, we are paying attention to make products with drawings and samples from clients (OEM) to meet more and more overseas customers’ requirements. The delivery time for plungers and valves is no more than 40 days. We also have a large stock for various kinds of models and types, and we are waiting for your enquiries at any time. 



About:What services can I provide:
Weiyuan Fuel Injection Equipment Co., Ltd., one of the most renowned fuel injection equipment manufacturers in Donggang City, China. We have a long history and rich experience, along with unique expertise and technology.We specialize in providing high-quality injectors, plungers, nozzles, delivery valves, pencil nozzles, repair kits, VE distribution pump hydraulic heads, and other products for imported automobiles, construction machinery, and marine industries. We offer customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements.
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We have a team of experienced professors and professionals dedicated to technology research and innovation, driving the development of fuel injection technology. We invest in advanced processing systems and high-level testing facilities to ensure the highest standards of product quality and performance.As an industry leader, we have earned trust and support from numerous customers through our excellent quality, reliable delivery times, and superior after-sales service. We adhere to the principles of integrity, reliability, and continuous improvement, always prioritizing customer satisfaction.
How do I ensure product quality:How do I ensure after-sales service:
We strictly follow a quality management system and hold ISO9001 certification. We have advanced production equipment and rigorous quality control processes, conducting strict inspections and testing at every stage, from raw material procurement to the production process, ensuring product consistency and reliability.We focus on customer needs and provide prompt and friendly after-sales service. Our dedicated team is customer-centric, offering product information inquiries, technical support, and problem resolution to ensure a satisfactory after-sales experience for our customers.




Through our experience, expertise, high-quality products, reliable delivery, and excellent after-sales service, we have built a strong reputation in the market. We are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with our customers, constantly striving for excellence, and providing the best solutions.

Thank you for your interest in our company! If you have any further questions or requirements, please feel free to contact us.


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