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Carter excavator parts teach you how to maintain your injectors

Excavator injector needle valve coupling in the long-term operation process, considering the face of high-pressure oil flushing, mechanical debris grinding and pressure spring fall seating and other common action, will make the needle valve and valve body with the surface layer of wear, which in turn leads to oil injection before the leakage and oil leakage after the break of the condition, resulting in poor atomization, incomplete combustion, the The result is poor atomisation, incomplete combustion, a strong increase in carbon smoke and serious carbon build-up. How can we do a good job of regular maintenance of the injectors?

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(1) When dismantling, be familiar with the cylinder sequence of each injector

Injectors from the cylinder head to remove, do a good job of simple exterior cleaning, followed by disassembly, inspection, assembly, in order to avoid the same injector parts in the assembly of the same parts mixed with each other.

The detailed method steps are: first the injector nozzle downward clamping on the vise, remove the regulating screw guard cap, regulating screw and spring, clean up neatly. Subsequently is the injector adjusting head fixed in a vise, loosen the coupling fastening sleeve, remove the injector coupling, for cleaning, do the following inspection.

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(2) inspection can be divided into visual inspection and sliding test

Visual inspection of the needle valve and the valve body with the surface layer should not be burned or erosion conditions; tooth root needle valve shaft needle should not appear deformation or other damage. In the sliding test, the valve body must be skewed about 60 degrees, the needle valve about 1/3 of the stroke after the release, the needle valve should be stable through its own weight downward sliding; rotate the needle valve position, repeat the above operation method, if the needle valve is not in any location can be stable decline, then the needle valve coupling should be replaced.

The above is about the excavator injector routine maintenance way, after reading this article you are not on the excavator oil injection related knowledge to understand more it? I hope it can bring help to everyone.

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