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Brand new C7 fuel injector made in China

Features and Benefits

The CAT common rail series engine is the most popular diesel engine in the world. Its high usage rate causes wear and damage. The products manufactured by our company can replace some of the functions.

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New, unique manufacturing process guarantees fuel efficiency

100% Made in China parts to reduce production cost

100% new O-ring replacement to ensure proper seal

program highlights

With 50 years of OE manufacturing experience, Weiyuan Oil Pump Nozzle Diesel Engine Aftermarket has the expertise needed to deliver quality remanufactured products. In our manufacturing facility, all injectors are quality inspected, then the unit is reassembled and tested for correct fuel, timing and pressure on dedicated equipment.

Our new injectors offer full support for:

6 months, unlimited mileage warranty

Over 20 years of technical expertise available through our customer service staff

Original numberCorresponding product
263-8218C7 Injector
387-9427C7 Injector
10R-7225C7 Injector
328-2585C7 Injector
387-9430C7 Injector
387-9428C7 Injector
387-9426C7 Injector
268-9577C7 Injector
387-9428C7 Injector
241-3239C7 Injector
238-8901C7 Injector
243-4502C7 Injector
328-2586C7 Injector
269-1839C7 Injector
268-1835C7 Injector
268-1836C7 Injector
259-1411C7 Injector
295-9166C7 Injector

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