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Diesel engine industry is still promising

1. The important role of diesel engines in the national economy

The diesel engine is one of the most important inventions in power in human history. Since its inception, after more than one hundred years of development, diesel engines have continuously made breakthroughs in energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies. They are the main power source for commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ships, military vehicles and other fields, occupying the mainstream position in the market. . According to data from the Ministry of Transport's "2017 Traffic and Transportation Industry Development Statistical Bulletin", road transportation with diesel engines as the leading power has undertaken 78.8% of my country's total passenger traffic and 78.0% of China's total freight in 2017, supporting the rapid development of my country's economy .

With the process of reform and opening up, my country's diesel engine industry has made considerable development and progress. The sales of automotive diesel engines in the domestic market increased from 631,100 units in 2000 to 3,575,200 units in 2017. Through independent technological innovation, the diesel engine industry has made great strides to catch up with the international advanced level, and has completed the transformation from following to parallel running or even leading. Technological progress in the diesel engine industry has supported my country's independent brand commercial vehicles occupying more than 99% of the domestic market, keeping the products of international commercial vehicle giants out of the country, and achieving bulk exports.

2. The irreplaceability of diesel engine products

In recent years, the rapid development of new energy technologies has brought tremendous pressure to the diesel engine industry, but it must be recognized that new energy technologies will still not be able to fully replace diesel engines for a long time in the future.

Diesel engines are widely used in areas where the entire vehicle has a long continuous working time and large power requirements. Restricted by its own technological development, new energy can only be widely used in specific market segments, such as buses, municipal vehicles, terminal tractors and other fields.

Due to the current insufficient energy density of lithium batteries, pure electric technology is still difficult to promote and apply in the field of heavy commercial vehicles. Take a heavy-duty tractor with a total weight of 49 tons as an example. According to the actual conditions of use in the current market, if pure electric technology is adopted, the lithium battery power used by the vehicle needs to reach 3000 degrees. Even according to the national planning target, the total weight of the lithium battery is still It reaches about 11 tons, the cost is about 3 million yuan, and the charging time is very long, which is not of practical value.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is considered to be a possible technological development direction in the power field of heavy commercial vehicles, but the current hydrogen preparation, transportation, storage, and refueling links are difficult to support the large-scale promotion and use of hydrogen fuel cells. According to the estimates of the International Hydrogen Energy Organization, by 2050, the proportion of fuel cells in the field of heavy commercial vehicles will not exceed 20%.

The rapid development of new energy technology has objectively forced the diesel engine industry to speed up technological upgrading and product replacement. New energy and diesel engines will complement each other for a long time, and the relationship between the two is not a simple zero-sum game.

3. Diesel engines play a huge role in the field of energy saving and emission reduction

The continuous advancement of diesel engine technology has already played an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction, and it has great potential for further realization of energy conservation and emission reduction, and strong technical feasibility.

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