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Injector, plunger, nozzle, outlet valve, diesel engine parts

Injector, plunger, nozzle, outlet valve, diesel engine parts

Injector, plunger, nozzle, fuel valve, diesel engine parts: why the engine plunger vice, fuel valve, fuel injector and other fine

The injector nozzle used in cars now is actually a simple solenoid valve, when the solenoid coil is energized, the suction force is generated, the needle valve is sucked up, open the spray hole, fuel is sprayed out at high speed through the annular gap between the shaft needle and the spray hole at the head of the needle valve, forming a mist, which is conducive to full combustion. Previously, the injector nozzle used in diesel engines was mechanically controlled, and the mechanical diesel nozzle was working by controlling the precision coupling (needle valve, needle valve body). The coupling of the nozzle is one of the three major precision couples of the traditional diesel engine, the three major precision couples: plunger, plunger sleeve, needle valve, needle valve body, outlet valve, outlet valve seat. Gasoline engine nozzle is part of the gasoline engine electric control system, replacing the carburetor type gasoline engine carburetor. Nozzles for automobiles mainly include: diesel nozzles, gasoline nozzles, natural gas nozzles, etc. Now some foreign manufacturers can manufacture special nozzles for hydrogen.

Fuel injectors, plungers, nozzles, oil valves, diesel engine parts: where to sell fuel injectors?

Injectors, plungers, nozzles, valves, diesel engine parts: What is the relationship between plungers and injectors and valves?

There is nothing to do with the engine are important original parts. The plunger is to adjust the valve clearance. The injector nozzle is to spray oil into the cylinder. The outlet valve limits the oil pressure.

Injector, plunger, nozzle, valve, diesel engine parts: what components make up the injector?

Injector mainly consists of oil feed screen, harness connector, solenoid coil, return spring, armature and needle valve, etc. The needle valve and armature are made into one piece, and the lower part of the needle valve has a needle shaft.

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