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[2022] Keys to Comparing and Buying Fuel pumps

What factors will affect the early damage of gasoline pumps? Attention car owners!

First: we need to distinguish clearly that there are many kinds of pumps on the car, such as water pumps, oil pumps, fuel pumps, etc., and what we are talking about now is the fuel pump, so where is the location of the fuel pump? Many people don't know that the fuel pump is inside the fuel tank and is located at the bottom of the fuel tank. When the fuel is sent to the system, the fuel needs to be filtered through the filter and the filter screen first, and then sent to the system, and finally injected into the cylinder.

Second: First of all, you should know the role of the gasoline pump. The gasoline pump, like a water pump, builds pressure for the fuel and inputs the oil from the fuel tank into the fuel supply system. The fuel pump is easy to generate heat during the working process, and a large part of the heat is taken away by the gasoline, so the gasoline has a little cooling and lubricating effect on the fuel pump. If the fuel warning light comes on during driving, it means that fuel needs to be refilled. Although you can still drive 2/3 of ten kilometers after the warning light is on, you should go to the gas station to refuel as soon as possible. If you don’t refuel in time, the fuel pump will not be immersed in gasoline, which will lead to a decrease in the lubrication effect of the fuel pump and the coolant. After a period of use, the fuel pump is easy to burn out; therefore, you need to add fuel in time when there is less fuel. .

Third: gasoline is delivered to the fuel injector through the fuel supply system, and the fuel injector then sprays fuel into the cylinder according to the fuel injection time; and the fuel circuit is generally relatively thin, if the gasoline you add is of inferior quality For gasoline, under normal circumstances, there will be more impurities in inferior gasoline, and the impurities will cause the oil circuit of the fuel supply system to block; another possibility is that because there are too many impurities in the fuel, the oil pump is easy to cause wear and tear when it is working. Damaged (eg clogged filter).



To sum up, the reasons that are easy to cause fuel damage are: 1. Gasoline has the effect of cooling and lubricating the oil pump. If the fuel lamp is not refueled in time after the alarm, the cooling and lubricating effect of the oil pump will decrease, causing damage. 2. There are many impurities in inferior gasoline, which can easily lead to blockage of the fuel supply system and cause serious damage to the fuel pump.


Here are some suggestions I give:

1. When it is found that the fuel is about to be used up, refill the fuel in time, do not wait for the alarm light to light up before refilling, and do not empty the tank.

2. When refueling, add high-quality fuel, and you can add some original special fuel additives, but there is no need to add it under normal circumstances.

3. After the car has been used for a long time, more or less impurities will accumulate on the oil circuit of the fuel supply system, so it is necessary to clean the fuel supply system regularly after driving for a period of time or kilometers, and replace the gasoline filter in time according to the maintenance regulations. Cleaner.

4. If the fuel pump fails, you must go to a regular repair shop or 4S shop for maintenance, and do not disassemble it yourself.

The above contents are some of my analysis and suggestions on the difficulty of starting up. If there is any mistake, I hope everyone can bring it up, share and make progress together; I hope it can be of some help to everyone, and I will share more car knowledge later. You can comment and add Attention, your attention and comments are the greatest encouragement to me, thank you.

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