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Why do injectors get dirty?

Fuel injectors become clogged due to hydrocarbons, sediment and other elements in the fuel.The reasons why the fuel injector will be dirty: 1. The carbon deposit in the engine is deposited on the fuel injector or the fuel injector passage is blocked by impurities in the fuel; Even parts are stuck; 3. The oil outlet valve is worn out, so that the oil dripping phenomenon occurs when the injector stops injecting oil, so that the fuel injector burns coke and deposits carbon, resulting in a stuck fault.

When the fuel injector is dirty, the car will show the following symptoms:

1. The engine noise becomes louder, especially at low gears and low speeds;

2. The accelerator response is not sensitive, the acceleration is not smooth, and there will be a lag after stepping on the accelerator. If the accelerator is stepped on in neutral, the engine speed will rise slowly;

3. Shaking at idling speed, especially when starting, it is easy to shake, and there is a slight lack of cylinders when upshifting at low gears and low speeds.

The fuel injector plays a very important role in the engine, and the quality of the fuel injector affects the power of the engine. Dirty fuel injectors lead to poor work, which will cause carbon deposits inside the engine cylinder, and accelerated wear of the cylinder and piston rings, resulting in unstable idling, increased fuel consumption, weak acceleration, difficult starting, and excessive emissions. If it is not cleaned in time, it will block the fuel injector, and in severe cases, it will damage the engine.

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